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onsdag 1 juli 2009

Hellu !!
This Week is the being of summer . wanna know why . coz the sun have finally visited SWEDEN !!!!

heheh SO LAME !!

BTW , I have a question , how come that i never came across or heard this song . Have u guys heard this song called "Be With You" by Will Pan feat. Akon 潘瑋柏 . How come ???
I really loove the fact that Will Pan / Pan Wei Bo , sang on CHINESE ! Gosh how hot is that ???
It very hoot ....heheh
For u guys who havent heard the song before , here is the vid ....=) ENJOY

måndag 22 juni 2009


Right now, I felt like giving up.
The dreams I had of my younger days
of love was to be thrown away when
a nice person, a kind person was all I looked for.
That's when you came along.Since some time back, every time I saw you
I'd really despise the girl who made you cry


Hi guuys again ! Recently i had so much to do , but now its Summerbreak ,thats means its halleluja moment ....Yey. But the thing is that im really bored , coz i have no job , nothing to do. I sleep the whole day and at night i have so much engeri that i could do so many eassys i want. ! It feels like eddward have visist me , and made me a vampayr....heheh I wish to XD

As i said before i have nothing wise to do nowdays , so i just search in YT . I found this song called "Wipe the tears" by AJ . You know AJ The dancing Shoes Guy and to my surprise i have to say that i did not knwe that he was this gooood , dame i just loove his childish+ adorbal voice . No one told me about this side of him , and how good he can sing !! Im In Love With This DUDE ,

btw check out his vid , if u had not seen it , or if u already seen it , Seee it and enjoy =)
(BTW i would like to hear just him , minus the rappers , coz the song is yeh bbeo without them , just AJ´s clear voice would be fine )

I have an other thing to tell yah guys hehe. I have finshied a korean drama called "How to meet a perfect Neighbor" . All i can say is that i have learn something and that is that i never will ever juge a drama after what its called or the cover of it , coz u have to see the inside to before u back off . Coz what i did when i first heard about this drama was that i juged it right away . I was like , "i would never wacht it" , "its probaly about old people and thier boring life and so on." Hehe and to not foget about the cover of the drama , it was the cover and the name of the drama who made me 110% sure that it was a boring drama !!

Now when i have seen it , i have to say that I looove it and i will always love it , i will never forget about it coz it was one of the best drama i have seen in while ! Gosh , if it wasnt for my sister , that forced me to watch it , then i think i would had to miss something that was this good ..!! Thnx sis =) I promies from now on i will lisen to u more often...

So my finally conclusion is that i will never juge something after its cover or name !! I will see the inside of it and juge it !! and u guys promies me that u will do the same.... and lets spread announcement together ! heheh Cya guys have a nice day/night/party/ :)

Btw have u seen it , and liked it /or disliked ,just leave a coment =)
and dont worry i wont bits

Here is the cover of "How to meet a perfect Neighbor"

torsdag 4 juni 2009

aru hi gojira wa toukyou wo hakai chuu ni kiti ni hitomebore shichatta.
(One day while destroying Tokyo, Godzilla saw Hello Kitty and it was love at first sight!)


love.jpg love image by rossi_ochi02

Hii Guys !! it has been a while ago sense i wrote here last , it kind of dead here on my blog!! =) I have actually noting to write about today , It s rainy here in sweden thats all i can say for sure XD .But i have found some JAP words/ sentence that i find very interesting . Here are some

一目ぼれ (hito me bore)
love at first sight ,hehe

夢中(mu chuu)
Lost in thought, in a daze, ecstasy

百年の恋も冷める(hyaku nen no koi mo sameru)
(Even a 100 year old love can turn cold)

okiii ...I admit i have no LIFE ...Heheh .. XD
Cya Guys


lördag 9 maj 2009

" When the wind blows, i gently close my eyes
and whisper a request of love
so that you'll be able to feel my heart


Heellu everyone !! =) i will just throw a quick post now.. To be honest i have nothing to write about. but something must it be XD

I loove ballad songs and im obsessed of Navi´s new song "My heart is damaged " i love her soft and cute -matured voice. I have wondered why i haven't heard of her before , and to my surprise. I search her on youtube and found out that she actually sang a song that i reaalllly Liked once . I How silly can that be !!

It´s called "I love you " feat Tablo. I found another video also , actually a cover of her song, and it was 2AM who made it with the hotti Jaebum from 2Pm!

I Have to say that 2AM is a amazing group with so many talented, they also made a cover of 8egiht´s song "without a heart", and they made me speechless !!! . Jo Kwon really sounded like a girl !!! I just loove them !

Here is Navi ´song "My heart is damaged " cover

Here is 8egiht´s song "without a heart" cover

söndag 26 april 2009

Close To Perfection nr 1
(so not hehe)

IPB Image

Hellou Everyone Hmm, it have been awhile sense i have write post on here...It all because of the real life that have been playing with me. I think that god wanna give me a wake up call before i fell off the chair or something , and thanks to that msg , i have been thinking whether i should do with my life after the graduate next year.

Just to think of that make me to run away and hind myself. I have to admit that im really afraid of getting rejected and not be good enough,even though i have good grades, im still afraid, of the reality and to get hurt.
However i have a year on me , to decide and soo
Other things that i want to share with yah all is , just five things that make my life little more joyful right now
  1. I will soon or i will eventually get driver licence (Im So freaking scary to drive )
  2. 2Pm newest song "again , again " became my new drug...LOL XD, btw my favo is Junsu now ,heheh
  3. Won Bins kindness and warm heart. I have read that he visit Africa and helping them there.He is actually the special representative for UNICEF Korea... That boy really knows how to melt my heart and others... May ur life be sweet as you , Won bin oppa<3
  4. I have seen BOF(Boys over flowers) finally , i have been waiting for it so loong and it left so many memories , i have to find a soulmate as Jihoon, and a man as Goo Joon Pyo..!
  5. Nigahiga knows how too make me laugh,all day loooong ...!lOL

Here is some pic of the man in my life (it SOund like he is mine , only mine heheh, i wish that was soo true,)

fredag 3 april 2009

fairies-32.jpg fairy image by 88michellemc

Japanese Joke

I am twenty years old male, and I have a little sister.

She likes me so much. One day she brought her friend to home, and we had fun together.

After that, I fall in love with my sister's friend, and then we are in deep relationship.

After that, my sister hates me. Unlike before, she always critisize me and she even doesn't want to see me. So oneday I asked her.

"What is the problem? I fall in love with your friend. Does it matter? "

Then she answered.

"You both are male! "


måndag 26 januari 2009

Why cant I have u ...?

Guess what is soo special about today !!!!
My Yoooboo ,my light ,my strength , My everything ,My HERO is getting older and older hehhe.

Nah that not true hehe, but the true is that tooday the 2009/01-26 Monday is My yoobo birthday

Chukahamnida My Biig Sarang

Hero JaeJooong on your 23 BD

I hope u all luck in this world !

a.jpg LOVE image by Dekalb2772 U

Hi everyone

Btw Here is My new blog Loveflower.jpg image by FindStuff2
(But this one is on swedish)

This is the first post Im making this year ,and not the last one ...hehe

My day has just stated ,i dont have any lessons today ,so the school is not the main subject today ...=)
Hehe However , when i woked up today ,i had this crazy song in my head ,and i was actually singing in my mind too Neomuneomu meotjyeo nuni nuni busyeo
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

..but to be honest this song is not one of my favo songs,it actually most annoying song i have heard so far ,i thinking having it like alarmtone ,heheh, so i will wake up as fast as flash every morning.

onsdag 31 december 2008


cant believe it´s the last day of 2008 !
It´s Like 8 h till New Year here in Sweden !!
guess what im going to do on the first day in the Year !! .... I have to wake upp early and go to work ... Buuuh I really dont wanna too ...

What can i say about this year ?? If i summery it , all i can say is that this year have been a really dark Year . Most of the things that happened was not a positive signal to the future in front of us.
But I really hope that 2009 will bring happiness and heal all aches , all those aches that most of us had to go through ,and haded to live with it , hope 2009 will heal ,and not hurt ....

tisdag 30 december 2008


Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone
I keep waiting, for you but you never come
Is this in my head, I don’t know what to think

is amazing singer i really loove his "look only at me" and this cover he made Don't Wanna Try by Frankie J....
I was teary-eyed , just hearing him playing the piano at the same time he was singing
He is really a mind bogging guy !!
Shiit sooo dame amazing ! and have i forgot to mention that his ENGLISH was beyond belief...
................ and Junsu ur are Tooo GOod To Be true , I never knew that you could play the Piano

U Guys Blow me away with your talents !!! Hope there will be more duets ! =)

The WonderBoys is back

( @SBS Gayo Daejun
SHINee: Tae Min
Big Bang: Seungri
SJ-H: Shindong, Sungmin
2AM: Jo Kwon

This time they sung "kissing you" with SDSD and "Nobody by Wondergirls ... and they were even more hilarious
The scaring thing was that both SungMin and 2am´s Jo Kwon act most feminine out all of them, but SungMin was too adorable to add!!!
TaeMin My
sweetheart !!! <3 class="tyda_entry_inflected" title="plural">

lördag 27 december 2008

1226773740_081115main02.jpg picture by our_last_angel

Hellu guys !

I cant believe that i have seen MKMF 2008 (I saw it on Arirang Tv with eng subs ^_^), and i was crying while i was watching it , partly that i was happy to dead to see all my idols on tv, and because i couldn't be there and see them in reality . The funniest thing is that i have seen alot of it

Most of Award Winners deserved to win those award that were given to them.

Like ....

SHINee =
Best male newcomer group !! Chukahamnida I was praying for this award to be them´s !!!
Nell “Time of Collecting Memories” =Rock Award (YEAH , w)
DBSK "Mirotic” =Best Album in the year award !!
Davichi =New Female Award !!
Brown Eyes Don’t Go, Don’t Go” = Ballad/R&B Award!!
TVXQ = Overseas Viewer award <3>
Wonder Girls = Girl Group award!!

congratulations to Ya all

fredag 26 december 2008

"You do not have to bear the deep, deep wounds in your heart
Nobody is going to blame you, it is alright to be who you are"

181.jpg Micky Yoochun image by Tsukiko_Yukisuzu

(How handsome can someone be !!! Loove Ya)

Hi everyone , have u missed me ? ....

if you had or haven't , I missed yah all. Missed all stuff i used to write about in this blog and those comments i used with different colours .
However now when im writing this , i think im going to counting to write about all stuff and how life can be just having joyful accessory in your hands.

Lately my life had been alot more better. It goes great with the studies(not THAT great ,but it flows better then before ) and with all people around me and to add more funny goddie stuff , i got a new phone. This phone is not a ordinary phone , its super Truly, madly, deeply, do..mega Phone ..heheh. Moreover here is some pic ..

LG KS 360 (is it me or isn't it gorgeous

from the begining i wanted a PINK one , but unfortunate it was sold out so there was only red and blue ones over. but that the heek , I love mine BLUE one . We were made for each others ...=)

However Im so Happy because soon i may get my driving license .YEY ... even though im frightened to dead just imagination myself siting on car and driving .... Oh i really donna want to , but i just feel like have to have that driving license to get any job!!.... I hope that it goes well. i really Hope so , btw i will have the test on the second Monday in January .
Pray for me guys hehe.

The Song of the day

Baek Ji Young is back for sure !! I really love all of her songs because herr voice is really made with love , the way she kept s her hight tone , too how he express herself when she sings live.
Someday When i visit Korea , the firs concert im lining up myslef ,is hers. I wish i could see hers prf in real life.

However here is her title song of her newest album
vol.7 Sensibility.

Currently watching

East of edan

Have seen ------ 33/50

World within

Have seen ------ 12/16
Iloove Hyun Bin , but not his character in this drama...

Scale of Providence
Just started to watch it yesterday
Have seen ------ 1/16

Stuff i m dying to have .....

  1. SHINee´s desk calender.. I wanna have it ,

Here are some more pic´s

O gooosh Im dying to have it.

Im really dying to haave it !!

2. To buy My own Piano and after that learn how to play "I think I Love" ost song from "Full House" , and Doshite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Daro?” by DBSK... Im dying to have it 2.
Let just wait for a miracle ....

3. A Pink Laptop ..... I always wanted to have a Pink one and i think im going to buy one on the this summer.. Let just see what fate will bring this year (2009)

4. To have Micky Yoochun as yoobo .....LOL . I wish i could have him anyway, by my side , all the time, forver and ever ....okaay have to Stop now

111.jpg Micky Yoochun image by Tsukiko_Yukisuzu

And thats all for today , See Yah around Guys ...
untill then Happpy New year !! Hope that end of this year will be
awesome and the beginning of the next year too... !

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish

I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need.
I love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply, do..

I <3 JaeJoong